Individual Programs

What’s the Best Fit for you? One approach to fitness definitely does not fit all. We believe your goals should be realistic, achievable and custom tailored to your needs and abilities. We design a program just for you and use research based training methods to help you get the best results possible. And we update your program as you make progress.

We offer several training options that allow you to work in tandem with Mark, as well as on your own. Is in-person coaching the key to your success? Or do you want a virtual workout...or a combination of several approaches?

“Goals should be realistic, inspiring and fit your current lifestyle. Focus and dedication will determine how quickly you reach each goal, and the resulting greater strength and stamina will drive you to further accomplishments.”

— Mark Duval

The best fit is a co-designed program that reflects your specific needs and goals. We work with you to create it.

Setting Fitness Goals Some of our clients set goals such as “Exercise more, eat healthier, have less pain…feel better.” Others want to “Lose 30 pounds and reshape and tone my body.” Whatever your goals are, we educate you how to reach them and give you the support and encouragement you need.

Richard TRX pushup


Living Active Travel Fitness Program
For Busy People on the Move

Workout at home, or on the road, with focused, customized AND effective, 15–30 minute programs.

Based on a one-on-one strategy session with you, Mark will design an exercise program to keep you fit, energized and toned while “on the road.” Your program will be captured on video and we will also provide you with a printed card for easy reference.

“Mark is a diligent and persistent trainer, a superb listener, and understands my objectives and helps me achieve them. Somehow he also manages to make the workouts fun!”

— Andrew

This program is supported with motivating email messaging from and conversations with Mark.

This package is $200.


The Wedding Marathon: From the Shower to the Honeymoon
Ten Weeks to Toned and Trim

Your wedding and its preparation are an exciting time for you — and a time when you really have to take care of yourself.

Mark Duval will help you focus on your health and wellness while getting you in your best shape ever.

Mark will help you: Take off 6–12 lbs and lose inches to look your best, tone your arms, butt, thighs and abs, and build your stamina to go the distance.


“I started working with Mark about 4 months before my wedding because I wanted to look and feel wonderful on my wedding day. Mark helped me get toned and lose a few pounds with regular workouts and by changing a few of my eating habits. He also helped me pace myself during the hectic weeks before the wedding by showing me how to stay on track through all the pre-wedding celebrations. Working with Mark was the smartest thing I did…other than marrying my husband!”

— Sara Talamantez-Cabala

Our 10-week Wedding Workout is available with once- or twice-weekly fitness sessions.

Package 1 includes 10 fitness sessions with Mark and is $2199.
Package 2 includes 20 fitness sessions with Mark and is $3999.

Success Stories


Mark has inspired me to look at my health and wellness in a way that goes beyond physical strength. He transformed the entire way I think about myself and the way I approach living active.
— Janice Mirikitani