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Corporate Programs

Mark Duval and Living Active Associates develop and sustain successful worksite wellness programs that inspire people to improve their health and their lives. 

“We hired Mark to consult on our fitness facility and programming. Our members have benefited enormously from his fitness program, special events, and educational workshops.¬†Mark selected caring and knowledgeable instructors whose classes are very popular.”

— Janet Rodriguez, The Bellevue Club

Studies show that healthy employees are happier employees with increased productivity and fewer missed workdays. Reduction in health plan costs, sick leave, disability costs, and workers' compensation can be significant with well-designed workplace wellness programs.

Living Active Wellness Programs address problems that can account for a sizable portion of an organization's health care costs: lifestyle related behaviors of employees, such as smoking, poor diet, and lack of exercise.

Corporate Fitness and Wellness Programs

Mark Duval and our Living Active Associates assist management in developing and offering fitness and wellness programs. We tailor your programs to your company needs to provide a true employee benefit that you are proud to offer.

To create ongoing corporate programs, we combine several to most of these programs to motivate, energize and help your team live active, healthy lives.

Success Stories


Originally Mark worked with me, then my family and now he works with my company of 30 people.