About Mark

Mark Duval is an innovative leader in the fitness field. Named by the San Francisco Chronicle as one of the “Top Ten Trainers in the Bay Area,” Mark is a sought after wellness coach to individuals and companies.

For over two decades Mark has combined his knowledge of anatomy, physiology and movement with proven motivational strategies to help individuals lead happy and healthy lives. His Living Active programs go beyond traditional workouts to fill an unmet need in the fitness field. They focus on practical and long-term strategies for health and well-being.  

I am privileged to help so many people be successful. From the beginning steps of helping my clients set their goals to watching them embrace an active lifestyle, I have the joy of seeing them realize their potential. It’s an honor to share in their journey.

Mark Duval

Mark has successfully transformed the lives of thousands of people. He is a passionate leader whose expertise and personalized coaching have earned him the respect and admiration of clients and colleagues alike.


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Media & Publications

Named one of San Francisco Bay Area’s “Top Ten Personal Trainers,”
San Francisco Chronicle

“Achieve the Sleek New You,” Apartment and Office Management Magazine

“Walking: The ‘New’ Fitness Craze,” Apartment and Office Management Magazine